The Will of
Dr Robert Oldfield

Originally the Will of Dr Robert Oldfield established the Charity in 1695. It was intended to assist poor boys living in the ancient Parish of St Michael in Chester. The old Parish church is now the Heritage Centre on the corner of Bridge Street and Pepper Street.

Dr Oldfield lived in Dunham Hill, owning land in the area. He also owned land in the area that is now Green Lane, and the Oldfield Drive (hence the name) area of Great Boughton. The Trust also owns other farms and land within the Chester district.

The Governors of the Trust have, by careful management through three centuries, ensured that there have been moneys available to help young people who are in need of financial assistance, to continue their education. The Governors will continue to do so in the Twenty-first Century.

Grants are available for ‘educational purposes’ (which is widely interpreted), for students under the age of 25 years and who reside in the Chester District. The grants are made to individuals and are means tested.